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Early treated hypothyroidism: development at 3 years.
  1. G Murphy,
  2. J A Hulse,
  3. D Jackson,
  4. P Tyrer,
  5. J Glossop,
  6. I Smith,
  7. D Grant


    Eighty children from the North West and North East Thames Regional Health Authorities who had been identified as having congenital hypothyroidism either by neonatal screening (76 cases) or by clinical symptoms (four) were seen for psychological assessments at 1 (60 cases), 3 (58), and/or 5 (20) years of age. Almost all the children's scores were in the normal range, and comparisons with matched controls suggested that they were doing only slightly less well than normal children in overall development. They were significantly slower, however, on a motor skills task. Moreover, a low initial serum thyroxine and triiodothyronine value, considerable delay in initial bone age, and an absence of thyroid tissue on isotope scan seemed to be associated with a somewhat poorer prognosis.

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