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A new type of transient diabetes mellitus of infancy?
  1. J J McGill,
  2. D M Roberton


    Two male siblings with transient diabetes mellitus were of normal birth weight, were asymptomatic, and did not require treatment with insulin. This may be a previously undescribed disorder or part of the range of transient diabetes mellitus of infancy. Previously reported infants with transient diabetes mellitus of infancy have usually been small for gestational age and have presented with glycosuric dehydration, infections, or growth failure. Insulin concentrations after oral glucose challenge showed inadequate insulin secretion with respect to the degree of hyperglycaemia in these children. Autosomal dominant inheritance may occur in some families with this disorder, and parents of some affected children may also have had asymptomatic or unrecognised transient diabetes mellitus of infancy. Leucocyte histocompatibility antigen typing of this family did not show any association of specific antigens with transient diabetes mellitus of infancy in the affected children.

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