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Hepatitis B virus replication in acute glomerulonephritis with chronic active hepatitis.
  1. P Cadrobbi,
  2. F Bortolotti,
  3. G Zacchello,
  4. R Rinaldi,
  5. M Armigliato,
  6. G Realdi


    A 3 year old boy who had chronic active hepatitis type B with features of ongoing liver damage and active virus replication, developed acute membranous glomerulonephritis two years after the clinical onset of liver disease, when both hepatitis B e antigen and antibody were detectable in serum. After withdrawal of short term steroid treatment and resolution of hepatitis B virus replication, both glomerulonephritis and chronic hepatitis went into remission. Some months later hepatitis B surface antigen was no longer found in serum.

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