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Luteinising hormone releasing hormone for incomplete descent of the testis.
  1. A M Klidjian,
  2. P G Swift,
  3. J M Johnstone


    Forty boys with 54 incompletely descended testes took part in a double blind, controlled trial of intranasal luteinising hormone releasing hormone. In the control (placebo) group of 18 boys there was no significant change in testicular descent and all required orchidopexy; in the 22 treated boys, however, 12 of 29 testes (42%) were found in a lower position. This study supports the idea that a trial of intranasal luteinising hormone releasing hormone (1200 micrograms/day for 28 days) will help clarify the need for orchidopexy in at least 30% of boys with incomplete descent of the testis, particularly those in whom the testes have emerged from the inguinal canal.

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