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Urine albumin to creatinine ratio-response to exercise in diabetes.
  1. I G Jefferson,
  2. S A Greene,
  3. M A Smith,
  4. R F Smith,
  5. N K Griffin,
  6. J D Baum


    Albuminuria was studied in 40 diabetic children before and after a standardised exercise test, and also in 21 normal children; the results are expressed as geometric mean (95% range) of urine albumin:urine creatinine ratio (mg/mg). There was no significant difference between the mean resting albumin:creatinine ratio in the two groups, or between these ratios before and after exercise in the normal children. In the diabetic children, however, the mean urine albumin:creatinine ratio after exercise was significantly higher than both the value before exercise and the postexercise value of the normal children, with 10 of 40 diabetic children showing a value after exercise greater than the 95% range of the geometric mean of the control group. The diabetic children were also studied by random urine albumin:creatinine ratios and split (erect:supine) 24 hour urine collection; none was abnormal.

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