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Improvements in child resistant containers.
  1. J R Sibert,
  2. A J Clarke,
  3. M P Mitchell


    The numbers of children under 5 years in South Glamorgan admitted to hospital because of accidental poisoning have been analysed for 1980-4. There has been no significant fall in those taking solid dose, prescribable medications since the voluntary agreement between the government and the pharmaceutical profession in 1981 on child resistant containers. Most children still take these poisons from containers of an ordinary, non-child resistant type. Aspirin poisoning has remained at the same low level since the introduction of regulations on child resistant containers in 1976, but there has been a rise in paracetamol liquid poisoning largely due to one preparation. The advent of 'original pack' dispensing in 1987-8 provides an ideal opportunity to ensure that child resistant containers are used for all medications that are toxic if taken by children.

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