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Neurodevelopmental screen in the school entrant medical examination as a predictor of coordination and communication difficulties.
  1. C R Haines,
  2. J B Brown,
  3. E B Grantham,
  4. V S Rajagopalan,
  5. P V Sutcliffe


    A neurodevelopmental screen in the medical examination of 3750 school entrants with a mean age of 5 years 4 months was validated as a predictor of coordination and communication difficulties. Class teachers of 6, 7, and 8 year olds completed a questionnaire about motor and communication success and difficulty in school activities. Below average ratings on the neurodevelopmental screen were associated with later problems in school activities. The findings, reported to all head teachers, suggest some approaches to intervention in school. The neurodevelopmental screen contributes to early assessment of special education needs of clumsy children.

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