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High incidence of minimal change nephrotic syndrome in Asians.
  1. J Feehally,
  2. N P Kendell,
  3. P G Swift,
  4. J Walls


    Between 1973 and 1982 there was a significantly higher incidence of minimal change nephrotic syndrome among Asian compared with non-Asian children in Leicestershire. Most Asians in Leicestershire are Gujarati-speaking Hindus, but Sikhs and Muslims are also represented; no group of Asians (defined by religion, language, or birthplace) was at special risk of developing nephrotic syndrome. Nephrotic syndrome was more preponderant in Asian children living within the city of Leicester, and there was an unusually low incidence in non-Asian children within the city. Both racial and environmental factors may be important in the increased susceptibility to minimal change nephrotic syndrome in Asian children.

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