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Inquiries into perinatal and early childhood deaths in a health care district.
  1. F Brimblecombe,
  2. M Bastow,
  3. J Jones,
  4. N Kennedy,
  5. J Wadsworth


    A controlled study was made of stillbirths and deaths of children under 2 years of age born to families residing within the boundaries of the Exeter District Health Authority between 1 October 1980 and 30 September 1981. The study was concerned primarily with methodology and feasibility; the numbers involved were, with few exceptions, too small to permit significant conclusions to be drawn. In practice, the design and implementation of the project proved to be effective. It is suggested that if adopted as a routine service procedure in each health district, information not currently available may be retrieved. This information has epidemiological importance and will also help to identify local problems.

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