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Urinary albumin excretion in school children.
  1. A G Davies,
  2. R J Postlethwaite,
  3. D A Price,
  4. J L Burn,
  5. C A Houlton,
  6. B A Fielding


    Concentrations of albumin were measured by an enzyme linked immunoassay in 24 hour urine collections (divided into day and night-time samples) from 183 boys and 191 girls aged 4 to 16 years. The 24 hour albumin excretion rate and day and night-time albumin excretion rates all increased with age in both girls and boys. Albumin excretion during the day exceeded that at night in both girls and boys. Albumin excretion rates were higher in girls than boys during the day but there was no significant difference at night-time. The urinary albumin creatinine ratio showed no change with age, but was greater in girls than boys during the day and at night, and was also greater during the day than at night in both sexes. Graphs of normal values of albumin excretion rates and albumin creatinine ratios are provided.

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