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Serial study of C reactive protein in neonatal septicaemia.
  1. P Hindocha,
  2. C A Campbell,
  3. J D Gould,
  4. A Wojciechowski,
  5. C B Wood


    Serial C reactive protein concentrations were assayed by electroimmunoassay in 41 infants. Values in most of the non-infected infants were below 0.3 mg/dl, the lower limit of detection of C reactive protein by electroimmunoassay. Eleven of 12 infants with proved sepsis (positive blood cultures) had significantly raised concentrations and one infant with recurrent pseudomonas chest infection had a raised C reactive protein concentration. High C reactive protein concentrations were also found in infants with suspected infection. Successful treatment was followed by a decrease in the C reactive protein concentration. Total white blood cell count was not as appropriate as C reactive protein determination in the early identification of bacterial infection in the newborn.

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