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Vitamin E treatment of haemolytic uraemic syndrome.
  1. H R Powell,
  2. D A McCredie,
  3. C M Taylor,
  4. J R Burke,
  5. R G Walker


    Because low plasma vitamin E concentrations have been reported in patients with haemolytic uraemic syndrome and there is accumulating evidence of lipid peroxidation in this disease, treatment with the antioxidant vitamin E was undertaken in 16 consecutive children with the syndrome. Twelve children had features at presentation suggesting a poor prognosis for recovery but despite this all 16 patients survived and are well three months later. Fifteen children now have normal values for serum creatinine, blood pressure, and urinalysis for protein but one has slight renal impairment. Although this is not a report of a controlled trial, it seems that patients treated with vitamin E have fared considerably better than our previously treated patients with haemolytic uraemic syndrome, even in the presence of early, adverse prognostic features. We suggest that vitamin E alters the natural history of the disease, and in view of the absence of any observed side effects further experience with this treatment is being sought.

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