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Ultrasonography of the pancreas, liver, and biliary system in cystic fibrosis.
  1. R C Wilson-Sharp,
  2. H C Irving,
  3. R C Brown,
  4. D M Chalmers,
  5. J M Littlewood


    Abdominal ultrasound imaging was performed in 50 children. Thirty nine were proved to have cystic fibrosis while 11 had respiratory infections and thus acted as controls. The pancreas was abnormal in 75% of cystic fibrosis patients aged under 5 years and in 95% over 5 years. In cystic fibrosis patients over 5 years old who had malabsorption, the pancreas was abnormal in 100%. Abnormalities of the liver parenchyma were found in 23%, of the gallbladder in 24%, and splenomegaly in 8% of the cystic fibrosis patients.

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