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Blood testing compared with urine testing in the long term control of diabetes.
  1. P F Miller,
  2. C Stratton,
  3. J H Tripp


    A comparison of visually read glucose oxidase strips and urine testing is reported in an unselected group of 19 diabetic children in relation to the degree of control achieved and to its acceptability. The degree of control was at least as good after five months' blood glucose monitoring at home (mean blood glucose 9.3 +/- SEM 2.9 mmol/l, mean 24 hour glucose excretion 113 +/- SEM 168 mmol/l) as after five months' urine testing (mean blood glucose 11.1 +/- SEM 4.1 mmol/l, mean 24 hour glucose excretion 141 +/- SEM 98 mmol/l). Home blood glucose monitoring was preferred either alone or in conjunction with urine testing in most cases.

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