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Low flow oxygen therapy in infants.
  1. A N Campbell,
  2. Y Zarfin,
  3. M Groenveld,
  4. M H Bryan


    Fifty one infants who were oxygen dependent after treatment for neonatal respiratory disease were entered into a study programme where 100% oxygen was delivered at low flow through a nasal catheter. Thirty five (69%) of the infants were discharged home and the remainder were either discharged to a convalescent hospital or back to their peripheral referring hospital. Excluding repeat admissions for monitoring or for the treatment of acute infections, 2760 hospital days (79 days/patient) were saved, representing a financial saving of $11990 (pounds 6500) per treated infant. A home low flow oxygen therapy programme has benefits to the infant/parent relationship, provides a more constant flow of oxygen than conventional methods, and the early hospital discharge represents a considerable financial saving.

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