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Diagnosis of neonatal seizure by continuous recording and rapid analysis of the electroencephalogram.
  1. J A Eyre,
  2. R C Oozeer,
  3. A R Wilkinson


    Clinical diagnosis of neonatal seizure is difficult and repeated seizures may be unrecognised. To assist in early diagnosis we recorded continuously the electroencephalogram (EEG) of very sick newborns while intensive care continued. In 25 babies at high risk of seizure a continuous record of two channels of EEG, ECG, and respiration was made for periods varying from 11 hours to 16 days. The method employed produced an EEG largely free of movement and electrical artefact which was analysed rapidly using a visual display unit. Electroencephalographic seizure activity was recorded in 20 babies, and continuous monitoring of the EEG allowed earlier recognition of seizure than was possible with clinical observation.

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