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Outcome of treatment for neonates referred to a supraregional cardiac centre 1976-78.
  1. D F Dickinson,
  2. R Arnold,
  3. J L Wilkinson


    The clinical course and outcome of treatment for 322 consecutive neonates referred to a supraregional paediatric cardiac unit are reviewed. Two hundred and forty-eight (77%) had structural congenital cardiac defects. The remaining 74 (23%) presented with arrhythmia, nonstructural cardiorespiratory problems, or problems unrelated to the cardiovascular or respiratory system. Transposition of the great arteries and coarctation of the aorta were associated with a good prognosis. Infants with cyanotic cardiac defects associated with a low pulmonary blood flow who required early palliation were found to have a poorer outlook.

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