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Is oral rice electrolyte solution superior to glucose electrolyte solution in infantile diarrhoea?
  1. F C Patra,
  2. D Mahalanabis,
  3. K N Jalan,
  4. A Sen,
  5. P Banerjee


    In a controlled trial of oral rehydration therapy, a rice-based electrolyte solution was evaluated in a group (n=26) of infants and young children aged between 3 months and 5 years with moderate to severe dehydration owing to acute diarrhoea, and the results were compared with a matched control group (n=26) receiving WHO recommended glucose electrolyte solution. The former was found to be more effective than the latter as shown by an appreciably lower rate of stool output, a shorter duration of diarrhoea, and a smaller intake of rehydration fluid.

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