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Asthma treatment with a new corticosteroid aerosol, budesonide, administered twice daily by spacer inhaler
  1. H V Field,
  2. P M A Jenkinson,
  3. M H Frame,
  4. J O Warner


    In a double-blind crossover trial a new corticosteroid aerosol, budesonide, delivered by spacer inhaler twice daily, was found to be at least as effective in controlling childhood asthma as beclomethasone dipropionate administration four times a day. The twice daily dosage schedule of the new preparation offers considerable advantages for compliance with therapy in schoolchildren. Previous studies have shown that lung deposition of aerosol is increased by the use of a tube spacer between the pressurised aerosol inhaler and the mouth. This technique of administration may improve the efficacy of corticosteroids in the treatment of asthma.

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