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Intussusception--the forgotten postoperative obstruction.
  1. S H Ein,
  2. J M Ferguson


    Ten children developed intussusception after laparotomy. The bowel obstruction caused by the intussusception was evident within 8 days of major laparotomy in 8 children and within 39 days in the other two. It developed after the usual postoperative laparotomy ileus, and did not respond to normal non-operative treatment not even to a barium enema. There was one palpable abdominal mass and no rectal bleeding. Only at surgery was the correct diagnosis made. Eight of 10 intussusceptions affected only the small-bowel; most of them were ileoileal, but 2 were ileocolic. Seven of the 10 intussusceptions needed only manual reduction. Postoperative recovery was uneventful.

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