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Fetal cardiac arrhythmia: antepartum diagnosis of a case of congenital atrial flutter.
  1. K J Anderson,
  2. S C Simmons,
  3. K A Hallidie-Smith


    A case of antepartum atrial tachyarrhythmia was detected in the 36th week of pregnancy. Cardiotocograph recordings done twice daily enabled close surveillance of the fetal condition after oxytoxin challenge testing had failed to show evidence of hypoxia. After a diagnosis of fetal cardiac arrhythmia had been made, elective caesarean section in the 40th week of pregnancy resulted in delivery of an infant in atrial flutter and cardiac failure. Both these problems were soon resolved by cardioversion and subsequent treatment with digoxin. Cardiac catheterisation showed no underlying cardiac abnormality. Increasing use of antenatal cardiotocography may show that intrauterine tachyarrhythmias are more common than had generally been believed.

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