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Reye's syndrome; diagnosis by muscle biopsy?
  1. Y Shapira,
  2. R Deckelbaum,
  3. M Statter,
  4. A Tennenbaum,
  5. M Aker,
  6. R Yarom


    Three children with Reye's syndrome are described. One child died, the second had mild and transient illness, and the third had recurrent episodes. In all 3 children a muscle biopsy showed pronounced infiltration of the myofibres with fat microdroplets as shown by the oil red O stain and by electron microscopical examination. We suggest that needle biopsy of muscle may be a quick and safe aid to the diagnosis of Reye's syndrome, and may be preferable to liver biopsy in view of the pronounced tendency to bleed in Reye's syndrome.

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