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Height and skeletal maturity in children with newly-diagnosed juvenile-onset diabetes.
  1. A D Edelsten,
  2. I A Hughes,
  3. S Oakes,
  4. I R Gordon,
  5. D C Savage


    Height and skeletal maturity scores (TW 2) were determined in 77 diabetic children at diagnosis and again in 48 of them after 1 to 4 years on insulin treatment. Boys, especially those of prepubertal age, were tall at onset. Girls had normal stature, but showed significant growth retardation after treatment. Skeletal maturity was appreciably advanced in both sexes at diagnosis, and on treatment returned to normal only in boys. Girls maintained their advanced skeletal maturity, resulting in an increased disparity between height and skeletal maturity. The results of this study suggest that a prediabetic metabolic abnormality may enhance skeletal maturity in children with diabetes and continues to operate in girls after treatment, despite a reduced growth rate.

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