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Egg and cows' milk allergy in children.
  1. R P Ford,
  2. D M Fergusson


    The relationships between a history of egg or cows' milk allergy, positive skin tests to these allergens, and atopic illness were examined in a sample of 126 children. Positive skin tests were found more often in children with a history of egg or cows' milk allergy than in children with no such history. 40 children suspected of being allergic to egg or milk, by history or by positive skin tests, were tested by double-blind food challenge. 54 challenges were given to these children, and 26 (49%) were positive. Children suspected of being allergic to egg had a greater incidence of positive challenges than children suspected of having milk allergy. Children with both a present history of food allergy and a positive skin test for that allergen were more likely to have positive challenges than children having only one of these indicators. Most children with positive challenges failed to satisfy Goldman's criterion of a minimum of three positive challenges because of the severity of their reactions. Less stringent criteria are needed for the diagnosis of food allergy in children who are particularly sensitive to food allergens.

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