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Central nervous system involvement in progressive muscular dystrophy.
  1. M Yoshioka,
  2. T Okuno,
  3. Y Honda,
  4. Y Nakano


    Several abnormalities in the central nervous system were shown in patients with progressive muscular dystrophy using computerised tomography (CT) scans, electroencephalograms, psychometry, and ophthalmological methods. In congenital muscular dystrophy, the most characteristic finding in the CT scan was a low density area in the white matter, seen in 14 (56%) out of 25 cases. In Duchenne dystrophy, slight cerebral atrophy was observed in 20 (67%) out of 30 cases. It was interesting that in the case of Duchenne dystrophy the older the patient, the more severe were the CT findings. In congenital muscular dystrophy half the patients with a low density area showed a spike or a spike-and-wave complex in the electroencephalogram, and optic atrophy was evident in several cases. It is concluded that progressive muscular dystrophy is not only a myogenic disorder but also one which affects the central nervous system.

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