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An evaluation of treatment with heparin in the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome successfully treated by peritoneal dialysis.
  1. M G Coulthard


    Nine children had 10 attacks of the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in an 11-month period. One child had 2 slight episodes. The remaining 8 children each had a severe attack which required peritoneal dialysis and, of these, the first 4 were also treated with heparin. All the patients survived without sequelae and the rate of recovery of dialysed patients was unaffected by the use of heparin. Peritoneal dialysis alone is therefore recommended as a simple and effective form of treatment for the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome. No infective aetiological agent could be identified and the distribution of HLA antigens among the children were unremarkable.

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