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Ileal meconium plugs.
  1. V C Talwalker,
  2. D H Kittur


    Eleven cases of neonatal intestinal obstruction associated with a white ileal meconium plug are described; 6 of these presented with complications--such as, giant meconium pseudocyst, perforation, volvulus, or atresia. Most of these complications are presumed to have arisen during the intrauterine period. Only one patient could be relieved of the ileal meconium plug by enemas. The condition of ileal meconium plug is not as benign as a meconium plug in the rectum or distal colon. A plea is made to restrict the name meconium plug syndrome to cases in which the meconium plug is white and chalky and the consequent intestinal obstruction can be relieved by enemas, without evidence of intestinal dysfunction in later life.

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