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Response of neonatal hypocalcaemia to 1 alpha-hydroxyvitamin D3.
  1. Y Barak,
  2. B Milbauer,
  3. Y Weisman,
  4. S Edelstein,
  5. Z Spirer


    Administration of 1 alpha-OH-D3 to hypocalcaemic neonates (mean +/- SD, serum calcium 1.50 +/- 0.13 mmol/l) significantly increased serum calcium in all 24 infants within 48 hours after starting therapy (mean +/- SD 1.83 +/- 0.23 mmol/1). The time required to correct hypocalcaemia was significantly shorter (2.04 +/- 0.56 days) in infants treated with 1 alpha-OH-D3, than in 24 infants treated with calcium gluconate infusions (4.12 +/- 1.0 days). Treatment with 1 alpha-OH-D3 was effective, easy to maintain, and produced no side effects.

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