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Dublin-Johnson syndrome with some unusual features in a Chinese family.
  1. N S Lo,
  2. C W Chan,
  3. J H Hutchison


    Three cases of chronic nonhaemolytic jaundice with conjugated bilirubin in the serum are described in a Chinese family. Bromsulphthalein excretion tests gave results typical of the Dubin-Johnson syndrome. Liver histology in the proband showed cytoplasmic pigment of the lipofuscinmelanin variety, and intravenous cholecystography failed to show visualisation of the gallbladder. Unusual findings included onset during the neonatal period in the proband and the presence of some iron pigment in the hepatic cells with a little canalicular cholestasis. It is suggested that the infant may have had a concomitant nonspecific hepatitis. These cases are regarded as belonging to a disease group in which the Dubin-Johnson syndrome is at one end of a spectrum. The mode of inheritance is discussed.

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