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Relationship between urinary and blood glucose in diabetic children.
  1. N K Griffin,
  2. M A Smith,
  3. P A Jenkins,
  4. G Werther,
  5. J D Baum


    The relationship of urine glucose concentration with 'average' blood glucose concentration for the corresponding period was investigated in 10 juvenile diabetics during the performance of 15 inpatient metabolic profiles. 0% glucosuria was associated with 'average' blood glucose concentrations less than 6.4 mmol/l (less than 115 mg/100ml), 2% glycosuria with concentrations greater than 8.6 mmol/l (greater than 154 mg/100ml), and over 5% glycosuria with concentrations greater than 11.3 mmol/l (greater than 204 mg/100ml). Urinary glucose loss was large (greater than 278 mmol; greater than 5g) when the 'average' blood glucose was greater than 11.1 mmol/l (greater than 200 mg/100ml). Because many diabetics have blood glucose concentrations up to 11.1 mmol/l, it is advantageous if glucosuria up to 5% is detectable by routine home urine tests. The 2-drop Clinitest method detects glycosuria up to 5% without significant loss of accuracy and is recommended in preference to the 5-drop method.

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