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Intrapartum sensitisation of human infants to the Rhesus-D antigen.
  1. C M Stern


    A study is reported of the numbers of nonimmunoglobulin-bearing lymphocytes specifically binding to Rhesus-D positive erythrocytes in the blood of Rhesus-dd infants born to either Rhesus-dd or Rhesus-Dd mothers, at birth and at 6 months of age. There was a significant increase in the number of such antigen-binding cells by age 6 months in babies born to Rhesus-Dd mothers. It is concluded that the Rhesus-negative offspring of Rhesus-positive mothers may be sensitised against the Rhesus-D antigen at birth and that protection of such female infants by the injection of antiRhesus-D antibody should be considered.

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