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A clinical comparison of beclomethasone dipropionate delivered by pressurised aerosol and as a powder from a rotahaler.
  1. A T Edmunds,
  2. S McKenzie,
  3. M Tooley,
  4. S Godfrey


    14 children with severe asthma were studied for 2 months in a double-blind cross-over trial to compare the efficacy of beclomethasone dipropionate delivered as an aerosol and as a powder from a rotahaler. Inhalation via the aerosol was satisfactory in 13 patients, each of whom used the rotahaler correctly. Younger children preferred to use the rotahaler. Comparison of daily symptoms, twice daily peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), and use of salbutamol during the 2 months of the trial showed that control of asthma was equally good, irrespective of the device used to deliver active beclomethasone.

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