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Concentration of zinc in the hair of schoolchildren.
  1. N Heinersdorff,
  2. T G Taylor


    The concentration of zinc in the hair of 219 schoolchildren aged between 10 and 11 years was measured and related to height, weight, estimates of consumption of zinc-rich foods, number of children living at home, and rank in family. None of the correlation coefficients between hair zinc and the other variables was significant. Mean concentration of zinc was higher (P less than 0.001) in the girls (146 microgram/g; 2.23 mumol/g) than in the boys (118 microgram/g; 1.81 mumol/g). Eight children (3.7% of the total) had less than 75 microgram/g (less than 1.15 mumol/g) zinc in their hair but only one of them was below the 10th centile for height or weight--a girl with coeliac disease.

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