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Lymphocyte changes in beta-thalassaemia major.
  1. S Musumeci,
  2. G Schiliro,
  3. M A Romeo,
  4. A Sciotto,
  5. A Rosalba,
  6. G Pizzarelli


    Lymphocyte subpopulations were studied in 20 hypertransfused patients with beta-thalassaemia major, some of whom had been splenectomised. B-lymphocytes were normal but T-lymphocytes were decreased in all patients. The T-cell count was lower in the splenectomised patients than in the nonsplenectomised ones. In the former, the active rosette-forming lymphocytes were also diminished, but the difference was not significant. In all patients the percentage of null cells was greater and the activity of K-cells increased compared with controls.

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