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TSH and PRL response to thyrotrophin-releasing hormone in children with chronic renal failure undergoing haemodialysis.
  1. K Ijaiya


    Eight children (aged between 8 1/2 and 15 1/2 years) with chronic renal failure receiving intermittent haemodialysis, and 2 children with renal transplants were studied. The response of TSH and prolactin (PRL), and basal T4 and T3 values was measured. Basal TSH was normal, and rose only slightly after TRH stimulation. Plasma T4 and T3 were below normal levels in 6 children. Mean basal PRL was raised and could not be stimulated by TRH. This study demonstrates the involvement of the hypothalamus and pituitary in chronic renal disease. The cause of the abnormal secretion of TSH and PRL in chronic renal failure is discussed in the light of clinical importance.

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