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Successful restoration of immunity in the DiGeorge syndrome with fetal thymic epithelial transplant.
  1. Y H Thong,
  2. E F Robertson,
  3. H G Rischbieth,
  4. G J Smith,
  5. G F Binns,
  6. K Cheney,
  7. A C Pollard


    A 13-month-old girl presented with right upper lobe pneumonia and hypocalcaemic seizures: investigations showed hypoparathyroidism and impaired cell-mediated immune responses. Other features of the DiGeorge syndrome included hypertelorism, short philtrum of the lip, right-sided aortic arch, and aberrant origin of the left subclavian artery. Successful restoration of the immunodeficiency was achieved by transplantation of fetal thymic epithelium.

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