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Value of 1-hour blood-xylose test in diagnosis of childhood coeliac disease.
  1. U Schaad,
  2. H Gaze,
  3. B Hadorn


    In a series of 46 children with untreated coeliac disease and in 102 controls with normal mucosa the 1-hour blood-xylose test was, in view of its simplicity, of much value in the diagnosis of childhood coeliac disease. Only one blood-xylose result was falsely normal in the 46 coeliac patients. It is concluded that a normal blood-xylose value does not exclude coeliac disease and should not prevent peroral biopsy in the presence of strong clinical suspicion. On the other hand, patients who have repeatedly abnormal blood-xylose values merit an intestinal biopsy even in the absence of suggestive clinical symptoms.

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