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Anorectal myectomy in treatment of ultrashort segment Hirschsprung's disease. Report of 26 cases.
  1. W G Scobie,
  2. G A Mackinlay


    A diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease should be considered in children with constipation. An accurate neonatal history of bowel function and testing of anorectal pressure responses will aid the diagnosis. In the period 1971-75 inclusive, 140 children, aged 6 months to 14 years, were investigated by anorectal manometry. 26 showed a failed inhibition response to rectal dilatation, suggesting Hirschsprung's disease and were treated by anorectal myectomy. In 24 the disease was confirmed histologically. Two specimens were diagnostically unsuitable. 4 required repeat myectomies, and 3 anterior resection. At follow-up all had normal bowel movements without soiling.

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