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Duodenal intubation with secretin stimulus for diagnosis of giardiasis.
  1. E Sagaró,
  2. E Blanco,
  3. T Fragoso,
  4. C Castañeda


    The use of secretin to facilitate the demonstration of Giardia lamblia in duodenal juice was studied in children under investigation for chronic diarrhoea. 30 children aged 3 months to 13 years, whose stools were negative for G. lamblia, were studied. G. lamblia was demonstrable in a sample of duodenal juice in 1 of the 30 children before an intravenous injection of secretin (1 or 2 mg/kg), but in 9 of the 30 children after secretin. It is concluded that examination of duodenal juice after secretin stimulus is an effective method of showing giardial infestation.

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