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Pulmonary involvement with cytomegalovirus infections in children.
  1. S D Smith,
  2. C T Cho,
  3. N Brahmacupta,
  4. M F Lenahan


    Among 40 hospitalized infants and children with cytomegalovirus infection, 14 (35%) had interstitial pneumonitis, 4 (10%) had wheezing or tachypnoea but without x-ray evidence of classical interstitial pneumonia, the remaining 22 (55%) were free of pulmonary involvement. Most patients had tachypnoea and nonproductive cough of varying durations: those with underlying pulmonary pathology tended to have persistent and prolonged respiratory symptoms. Mortality and severity of the lung disease were related to the underlying immunodeficiency or concomitant pulmonary process.

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