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Chronic lymphoglandular enlargement and toxoplasmosis in children.
  1. T Thomaidis,
  2. K Anastassea-Vlachou,
  3. C Mandalenaki-Lambrou,
  4. C Theodoridis,
  5. E Vrahnou


    Serum antitoxoplasma titres were determined simultaneously by the direct agglutination and the indirect immunofluorescent tests in 52 children aged 2 to 16 years having chronic lymph node enlargement, mainly cervical. Direct agglutination titres were raised (64 to 4096) in 22 children (42%), but rarely in the control groups of children with acute suppurative lymphadenitis, and healthy children, adults, nurses, and physicians. It is concluded that toxoplasmosis is commoner in Greek children than previously believed, and that it should be included in the differential diagnosis of lymphoglandular enlargement. Clinically the condition is mild and may be self-limited, but it should be treated promptly with trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole, in order to prevent reactivation in adult life.

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