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Prognosis for infants weighing 1000 g or less at birth.
  1. A L Stewart,
  2. D M Turcan,
  3. G Rawlings,
  4. E O Reynolds


    During the 10 years 1966-1975, 148 infants weighing less than or equal to 1000 g were admitted to the Neonatal Unit of University College Hospital. 48 (32%) survived the neonatal period. The neonatal survival rate for infants weighing less than or equal to 750 g was 8% and for infants weighing 751-1000 g, 41% 9 infants died later, leaving 39 (26%) long-term survivors, all of whom are being followed-up. The progress of the 27 older children, born in 1966-74 (median birthweight 899 g, range 648-998 g; median gestational age 28 weeks, range 24-35 weeks), was assessed at ages between 15 months and 8 years (median 3 years). No abnormalities were detected in 21 infants (78%): 2 (7%) had major handicaps and 4 (15%) minor handicaps. We conclude that provided intensive care methods are available, the prognosis for infants weighing less than or equal to 1000 g is now better than in the past.

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