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Bumetanide in heart failure in infancy.
  1. O C Ward,
  2. L K Lam


    The effect of bumetanide in infants with congenital heart disease presenting with cardiac failure was studied. The study was divided into acute (3 days) and long-term (mean 10.5 weeks) cases. A total of 12 male infants was included in the acute study and 13 cases were evaluated in the long-term study. The dose used in the acute study (0.015 mg/kg) was suboptimal; notwithstanding it was found to cause significant natriuresis and chloruresis. Bumetanide in doses varying in different infants from as little as 0.015 mg/kg on alternate days to as much as 0.10 mg/kg daily was shown to be an effective diuretic for long-term use. No side effects were observed in either study.

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