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Influence of folic acid on birthweight and growth of the erythroblastotic infant. III. Effect of folic acid supplementation.
  1. G Gandy,
  2. W Jacobson


    Seventeen infants with severe (14) or moderately severe (3) erythroblastosis were given daily oral supplements of 2-5 or 5 mg folic acid from day 16 (average) to 3-2 months (average). Their rate of weight gain, expressed as weight centiles, was followed for 1 year and was compared with that of a very similar group of 34 erythroblastotic infants without folic acid supplements. By the end of the 4th month, just after stopping additional folate intake, the median centiles for weight had risen from the 40th to the 80th centile, while in the untreated control group they rose during this period from the 35th to the 50th centile. During the second half of the year both groups declined in weight centiles, the 'treated' group ending up at the 50th centile for weight, while the control group fell to the 25th.

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