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Neonatal pulmonary hypoplasia after prolonged leakage of amniotic fluid.
  1. M Perlman,
  2. J Williams,
  3. M Hirsch


    The clinical, radiological, and pathological features of the 'oligohydramnios tetrad' (Potter's facies, limb malpositions, pulmonary hypoplasia, and growth retardation) resulting from chronic amniotic fluid leakage are described in 2 infants who died of respiratory failure within 12 hours of delivery. A third infant with a partial form of the syndrome had prolonged respiratory symptoms and survived the neonatal period: the course of the disease and the radiological findings were compatible with a hypothetical diagnosis of partial pulmonary hypoplasia. Pulmonary hypoplasia should be recognized as a cause of chronic respiratory symptoms in viable infants.

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