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Respiratory complications in long-term survivors of oesophageal atresia.
  1. N E Dudley,
  2. P D Phelan


    One hundred of the 192 survivors of repaired oesophageal atresia at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, aged one year and over on 1 November 1973, were reviewed to determine the frequency of respiratory complications. 78 children suffered from more than 3 attacks of bronchitis per year during the first 3 years of life and 48% of the children aged over 8 years were having more than three attacks per year. Episodes of cough persisting longer than 2 weeks were also common. In the year preceding review, about half the children had more than 3 such episodes. 58 children had been admitted to hospital on at least one occasion for chest infection. It is suggested that recurrent inhalation of milk and food, consequent upon disordered oesophageal motility, is the major factor causing these respiratory complications.

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