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Relation between skin tests, inhalation tests, and histamine release from leucocytes and IgE in house-dust mite allergy.
  1. K F Kerrebijn,
  2. H J Degenhart,
  3. A Hammers


    This study was concerned with the correlation between skin test, bronchial provocation test, and histamine release from leucocytes and the serum level of total and allergen-specific IgE in patients atopic to house-dust mite allergen (Dermatophagiodes pteronyssinus) as measured by an intracutaneous skin test. It is concluded that, assuming a positive provocation test to be evidence of allergy, estimation of the allergen-specific IgE concentration in the serum will not offer any major advantages over the intradermal skin test in determining the clinical significance of house-dust mite allergy.

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