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Sick sinus syndrome in children.
  1. O Scott,
  2. F J Macartney,
  3. P B Deverall


    The ages of 6 male patients with the sick sinus syndrome ranged from 10-15 years when their symptoms began. At rest all had a heart rate of 60/min or less. Two had syncopal attacks which threatened life; 1 had only attacks of dizziness; the other 3 had no syncopal attacks but had recurrent attacks of supraventricular tachycardia ('brady-tachycardia syndrome') which were more resistant to drug therapy than is usual in childhood. They were not controlled or suppressed by digoxin when it was given. Substernal pain occurred in 2 patients who had syncope. In all patients the heart rate remained inappropriately slow after exercise and atropine. Cardiac pacemakers were used in the 2 patients with life-threatening syncope. Any patient who has dizziness or syncopal attacks and an inappropriately slow heart rate should have electrocardiograms recorded at rest and after exercise to record the heart rate and to look for abnormal P-waves.

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