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Long-term results of surgical treatment for pulmonary valve stenosis.
  1. J M Reid,
  2. E N Coleman,
  3. J G Stevenson,
  4. J A Inall,
  5. W B Doig


    109 children who survived surgical treatment for isolated pulmonary valve stenosis were followed for up to 17 years. In all the postoperative status was assessed as satisfactory. Cardiac catheterization repeated in 43 gave a resting valve gradient below 40 mmHg. The 22 children whose pulmonary valves had been excised were as healthy as the 87 who had undergone pulmonary valvotomy. Consideration was given to the desirable length of postoperative review. Except for the few children with symptoms before operation, a postoperative increase in exercise tolerance was not a feature.

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