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Fat absorption by small babies fed two filled milk formulae.
  1. R D Milner,
  2. Y Deodhar,
  3. C R Chard,
  4. R M Grout


    In 3-day fat balances, 7 of 8 infants had appreciably more steatorrhoea when they were fed Cow and Gate V formula than when they were fed SMA. The mean fat excretion (+/- SEM) expressed as a percentage of the amount ingested on Cow and Gate V was 28-1 +/- 3-9 compared with 10-5 +/- 2-3 on SMA. Gas-liquid chromatography of the faecal fat in 2 of 3 infants showed that C16:0 was responsible for most of the excess fatty acid when they were fed Cow and Gate V formula.

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